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  • Tracking & Tracing

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    The logistics industry faces many challenges across the globe – from rising energy costs to increasing security concerns and growing competition. Ubiquitous cellular n?etworks and leading edge M2M and GPS technology are transforming the industry by improving efficiency and profitability while reducing loss and theft. Gemalto's leading edge M2M technology and the cloud based Application Enablement Platform enable solutions that track and trace vehicles, goods, employees and mobile resources giving logistics companies and the entire supply chain automated solutions, transparency and more effective processes.

    Pinpoint Location

    The exact location of goods and even stolen vehicles can be pinpointed in real time using Gemalto Cinterion M2M Modules with advanced GPS capabilities. A wide variety of connectivity technologies and module sizes help ensure virtually anything can be tracked – from large cargo containers sailing in the South Pacific to logs transported illegally in the Amazon Rainforest?.

    Monitoring & Alerts

    Using a variety of sensors, details about the condition of objects and goods can be transmitted to supervisors in real time including the temperature of goods, humidity levels, shock or damage suffered, speed of travel and even video images.  For cold chain monitoring and transporting highly sensitive items such as pharmaceutical supplies and medical samples, immediate alerts are crucial so that adjustments can be made to preserve cargo. 

    Route optimization in real time

    Gemalto Cinterion solutions enable advanced navigation capabilities that draw data from other smart city solutions to provide up-to-the-minute traffic information used to optimize route and distribution schedules. Streamlined scheduling and routes save time, money, resources and aggravation while allowing retailers to transform the last leg of delivery into a moment of excellence that helps build brand loyalty.   

    Pay per use cost efficiencies

    Car insurers can offer policies based on actual vehicle use versus monthly premiums helping to reduce costs for customers and liability for insurance companies. Advanced Cinterion M2M modules with onboard GPS are designed for tracking applications beyond international borders, seamlessly linking with the SensorLogic Application Enablement Platform to streamline and simplify integration and edge-to-enterprise connectivity.??